Veterinarians qualified in small animal heart disease

OVIC consists in a team of veterinarians qualified in cardiopathies of small animals: our Observatory provides the guidelines for the diagnosis of the major cardiopathies and aims at collecting data from the animals examinated during genetical studies, working throughout the Italian territory. We organize training courses for the annual compulsory upgrade of Veterinary Doctors and we are accredited to ENCI and ANFI for the release of certifications for the diagnostic control of genetical diseases of the registered subjects.

The Italian Heart Diseases Veterinary Observatory was created with the aim of coordinating and standardizing the collection of epidemiological, clinical, echocardiographic and ultrasound data on dogs and cats, in Italy and abroad, and establishing an archive of genetic material of the subjects examined.
1. The primary goal of the Observatory is to provide guidelines for the diagnosis and for the epidemiological control of the main heart diseases in small animals, that could be shared by both veterinarians and breeders.
2. The second goal of the Observatory is to provide data and biological material for genetic studies aimed at investigating the genetic causes, the heredity and the predisposing reasons of congenital or acquired heart diseases in dogs and cats, in particular in predisposed breeds.

The Observatory organizes training events aimed at the annual mandatory upgrade of Veterinarians.
It proposes specific advanced courses in the echocardiography field, selects veterinarians readers and monitors their activity.

To achieve its goals, the Observatory makes use of the work, throughout the Italian territory, of highly qualified veterinary echocardiographers and geneticists. It also benefits from the partnership with the Department of Pathology, Diagnostics and Veterinary Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Perugia and with the Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan, and it operates with the patronage of the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine of Milan and Naples.
The Italian Heart Diseases Veterinary Observatory forms part of the veterinary organizations accredited by ENCI (for dog breeds) and by ANFI (for feline breeds) for the release of certifications for the diagnostic control of genetic pathologies, in order to let the registered subjects be accepted by the Breeding Register

The identification of the real breed predispositions, the heredity and the molecular bases of heart diseases will be possible through an investigation path that provides that the blood collection is carried out at the same time as the clinical visit by the veterinarians of the Italian Heart Diseases Veterinary Observatory, on both healthy and sick subjects.

This will allow to expand and enrich the two biological banks (for dogs and cats) and their respective "databases", with samples, morphological and phenotypic measurements. All this is of fundamental importance for the protection and improvement of the bred races and for the placement of Italian dog and cat breeding on quality levels of undisputed international importance
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Paolo Ferrari

Scientific Commission
Prof. Maria Longeri

Prof. Francesco Porciello

Italian Heart Diseases Veterinary Observatory
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